Your Chance To Bring Honesty Into The Gun Control Debate

For nearly 20 years, Gun Facts has been free, arming you with ammo needed to hunt propaganda. By donating you feed the fund that goes toward:
  • Buying time for more analysis and reporting of the facts.
  • Acquiring tools to make infographics more meaningful to the public. 1
  • Rent studio time to create more 60-Second Gun Facts videos (see
  • Update our media contact databases to push facts to the press.

There are several donor levels (listed below) and gifts for each level. Each donation level has a separate PayPal link. Simply click on the “Donate” button to the right of the level for which you wish to donate. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click here for donate-by-snail-mail instructions).

The Gun Facts fundraiser runs until April 15.
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2018 Gun Facts Fundraiser Levels and Gifts

.22 Caliber Level – $1 or more

(and if you don’t want a gift)

Custom art by famed Day by Day cartoonist Chris Muir.

Everyone gets something! This year our buddy Chris Muir of the Day by Day Cartoon has again offered up art with which to decorate your home, office or gun range. And what better way to attract attention to … er … our Guff Free Zone message.

All donors will be able to download a PDF of this year’s Gun Facts Fundraiser poster. The posters will be available for home printing on 8.5 X 11, 11 X 17 and 18 X 24 (sizes you can print at home or your local office supply store).


(consider clicking the “Make This Recurring” option on the PayPal screen)

9mm Level ($25)

“Guff Free Zone” bookmarks

We already know you read, and read deeply. So, we know you need bookmarks. For your 9mm donation, we’ll send you two (or more if we find great prices) laminated, two sided Gun Facts bookmarks with this years “Guff Free Zone” designs. The bookmarks are largish at 2×8″, rounded cut, laminated and eye catching. We’ll even toss in a tassel.

And even if you are reading your copy of Gun Facts on your Kindle device, you can always insert one of these thought-instigating bookmarks into a book you are giving to an political ally or enemy.


.40 Caliber Level ($50)

“Guff Free Zone” shooting towel

Keeping a hand towel tethered to your shooting bag is great for taking sweat off the palms between emptying magazines.

Why not make the person in the next alley ponder what you know while doing so?

An over sized (18×15″) sports towel, clipped with a brass ring, and flying the “Guff Free Zone” motto will do nicely. Forty cal donors will get one, and if we have left over bookmarks, we’ll toss one in for the early donors.


.50 Caliber ($75)

“Guff Free Zone” T-shirt

If your unstudied friends, family and elected officials still don’t get it, then wear this all cotton t-shirt out and about town.

The back of the shirt sports this year’s motto, making the point of intellectual honesty so plain that even a congressman would understand.

Over the front-left is the Gun Facts brand and URL so you can guide people to greater insight by merely pointing at your heart.


 12 Gauge Level ($100)

T-shirt and bookmark

We don’t know if greed really is good, but there is nothing wrong with collecting good stuff.

12 Gauge donors will get both a Guff Free Zone t-shirt and pair of bookmarks (tassels for the bookmarks … you are on your own for decorating the t-shirt).


Bazooka Level ($200 or more)

Everything! And maybe more …

For our beloved Bazooka level donors (and there are more than a few) you get the whole shebang, and early birds get a little extra.

Yes, you get the bookmarks … and the gun cloth … and the t-shirt. We’ll also randomly toss in any overstocked items we may have.

But the first ten (10) Bazooka donors also get an autographed copy of the latest printed edition of the Gun Facts book!


NOTE: In all the years of the Gun Facts project, we have only once had to substitute a gift due to a vendor who duped us. So, we have to reserve the right to substitute gifts of similar cash value.


  1. Tableau Desktop cost over $1,000