90% … or not

Outside the NRA convention, a gun control activist said:

“We’re just here really to be the voice of the 90 percent of Americans that think we can do more to protect our fellow citizens from gun violence.”

This is a two-for-one special, based on panic polling after the Sandy Hook massacre and propaganda word smithing.

The 90% number appears to come from a Gallup poll concerning so-called universal background checks (since 40-80% of crime guns come from illegal street sources, there is no universality at play here).

In the wake of Sandy Hook, as many as 90% of people polled favored expanded background checks. But that number rapidly receded to under 65% within four months, and is lower today. Once people unraveled the tragedy and examined the proposed legislation outside of panic, the 90% number instantly became inaccurate.

But it is still being used by the gun control industry today.

The other aspect is that the poll was specific to the universal background check legislation. Notice however than Michael Bloomberg’s minion said “90 percent of Americans that think we can do more to protect our fellow citizens from gun violence.” She crafted a disconnect, assuming that this form of gun control would reduce gun crimes and gun suicides. As the National Academy of Sciences concluded last decade, there is no evidence gun control reduces either. Background checks are twice as useless since suicides (61% of all gun deaths) are done with legally acquired guns and homicides are largely done with guns purposefully acquired from illegal street sources.

Be prepared to counter this meme, for the gun control industry will be repeating it endlessly.


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  1. I know this is an older article, but we will continue to face these sorts of distortions anytime there is a “media worthy” shooting. Shortly after the Tucson shooting, I read an article stating “The Majority of Americans Support Increased Gun Control” or something to this effect. Polling was conducted by our favorite left-wing media organizations right after the shooting when emotions were still running high. I dug in a little deeper and found the questions they asked in the poll. So…right after a highly emotional shooting, the question asked was, “do you support increased gun control?” At that point in time, after all the responses were tallied…51% (a very slight majority) said they supported increased gun control. But Fox News asked a slightly different question. They asked “do you think additional gun control measures would have stopped this shooting?” 81% of those polled said no – they did not believe more gun control would have prevented the massacre.

    Then probably two months ago, I was out doing some shopping with my wife at a Target store. Just outside the store, two women had set up a table, getting people to sign a petition that we need background checks. I also happen to live in a state the passed legislation to close the gun show loophole. When I mentioned we already have background checks, these women persisted in trying to tell me that we really didn’t, and that what we have simply does not do enough.

    Bottom line…many people simply don’t understand the root cause of the problem. Gun control is a simple talking point, but it doesn’t even begin to address the actually issues with violence.

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