Ghost Gun Gong Show — 3 Comments

  1. When the question is, “Why does government …?”, the answer is “Power!!!”

    This is not, nor has it ever been a question of safety, nor of saving lives. It’s pure and simple another example of a naked grab for power. It’s getting to the point where they do not even try (because they don’t think they have to) to hide their motives. They think we are so cowed that they can just do it.

    What we do not have is confidence that “our” Supreme Court will stand in the breach and defend the Constitution for the United States of America, and, by extension, us, the people and our God-granted rights.

    I wish there were an easy way to make this all right. There is not. But there is a way. We must re-dedicate ourselves to the founding principles of the Republic. We must seek out righteous men to govern us, and honest men to judge our laws. We must sacrifice for our own freedoms, and we must do the same for the liberties of our children and grandchildren.

  2. Fantastic info. Damn shame the public and our politicians don’t see and understand the facts. Wish we could get a consistent/national requirement for police/safety agencies to document and report objective facts for follow-on analysis and interpretation. Data and info that could feed the courts and public….

    • As data junkies, we would love to have consistent and quickly accessible data from all agencies.

      We would also like to win the lottery.

      As best as we can tell, the odds are about the same ;->

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