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  1. An AR-15 with a “Bump Fire” or “Slide Fire” stock can easily empty a 30 round magazine in less than 9 seconds, a 100 round drum in @ 30 seconds. However, as the barrel heats up, it expands and the bullets “spin” will decrease and may even tumble, but accuracy was not a factor in this scenario. Hence, the need for multiple rifles, but the amount he had in that room is far more than needed.

    The first sounds of fire indicate an AK-47 instead of an AR-15 due to the slower rate of fire and the “thud” sound of the rounds going off. The later sounds of fire are at a slightly faster rate with a “ring” that indicates an AR-15.

    Simply moving the end of the barrel 2 inches side-to-side would spray the whole area at the distance he was shooting over.

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