1. contributor-login-linkScroll to the bottom of any Gun Facts page, and click the foot link reading “Contributor Login”.
  2. At the WordPress login screen, enter your user ID and password.
    1. contributor-login-screenYour user ID was assigned to you by Guy Smith, as was an initial password.
    2. After logging on the first time, change your password (more on that below).
  3. What you can edit will be restricted based on your role. In most instances you will have specific “pages” that you can alter (bloggers will have the ability to create “posts”).


You can change your password at any time, and it it wise to do so fairly often.


Gun Facts relies on solid information, which means access to editing is restricted. Keep you login information strictly to yourself and never share it with anyone.

To change your password:

  1. Click on PROFILE on the left-hand menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter your new password in both password fields.
  4. use at least one digit or special character (! ” ? $ % ^ &) to make the password stronger.



  1. Most volunteers will edit “pages”. To see the pages you have permission to edit, click on PAGES in the left-hand menu.
  2. You will be presented a list of pages tat you have permission to edit. Click on the one to which you need to make changes/addition.
    1. Be aware that there may be more than one person working on a page at a time.
    2. If so you may see two or more entries for the page, listing who edited each version.
    3. contributor-choosing-revisionIf in doubt, wait for the other version to be accepted or rejected. But if you need to make a change, edit the version that have pending changes. This will add your changes to the other person’s edits. The Gun Facts publisher will sort out any conflicts.
  3. The editor will be familiar to many people who work on public boards. The content is displayed in a “what you see is what you get” box and can be edited like most word processing documents.
  4. contributor-edit-bar-findThe bar above the editing area is used for basic formatting (see the Content Standards Detail page for details on standards for formatting text, headers, images, tables, etc.)
  5. When you have finished making changes, you need to save your work and then preview/review them.
  6. Save your work. The button to click depends on if you are editing a non-pending page, or if you are updating your own pending edits.
    1. contributor-two-submit-buttons-for-editsFor new edits, click the Submit Update blue button on the right of your screen.
    2. For chances to your own pending edits, click the Update Revision button under the editing window.
  7. Click the Update Revision button below the editing area.
  8. Click on Pages in the main menu on the left.
  9. Hover your mouse under the title of the page you edited and click on Preview.
  10. There are specific instructions for uploading, inserting graphics. Please see the Contents Standards page for those instructions.contributor-preview-changes




Your changes will not be immediately published. An email will be sent to a Gun Facts administrator who will review your edits. Once your changes pass quality control, they will be published. If there are problems with the changes, either you will be notified or the clean-up (if minor) will be handled by the administrator.


Footnotes are all important to Gun Facts. We use a special tool for impelmenting footnotes which keeps them consistant and allows them to be exported to the book simply.

At the point in the text where the footnote number should appear, enter the following text:


This causes the footnote text (what appears between the acp and /acp brackets) to appear at the page bottom.  An example would be:


Using the example text above, this paragraph will end with a footnote. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see it.[acp footnote]Targeting Guns, Gary Kleck, 1987[/acp]

Gun Facts uses a non-standard footnote format. Follow these guidelines for the format of the two primary citation types.


  • Title of article/paper in italics
  • Year published
  • Publisher
Targeting Guns, Gary Kleck, Aldine Transaction, 1997


  • Person’s name
  • Title
  • Date
S.C. Helsley, Assistant Director DOJ Investigation and Enforcement Branch, 
California, October 31, 1988

[acp footnote display title=”This Is Where Your Footnotes Show” /]