The Author

Guy Smith, Gun Facts authorBackground:  Guy Smith (writer, songwriter, political provocateur) has been referred to as a libertarian with a foreign policy. With an education in quantitative management, and as a working market researcher, Guy started noticing that members of the gun control industry were less than factual and often outright dishonest. His research capabilities, paired with a stubborn southern gent’s honor caused him to take-up the cause of debunking gun control misinformation.

“No civil right has come under such unrelenting attacks as the 2nd Amendment.  Everyone who takes liberty seriously must actively defend the 2nd Amendment.”

Speaking: Guy is a regular speaker on television (Al Jazeera, CCTV, Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture), radio (several of the Heavy Hundred, Gun Talk, NRANews and countless regional stations) and at meetings of civil liberty groups, including being an invited speaker at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.

If you are with the media and wish to interview Guy, or have him speak before your group, email him at guy [at]