Reach your target audience while preserving gun owner rights!

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For over 15 years the Gun Facts project has debunked gun control mythology, using detailed research, artful presentation and media appearances. We have been a driving force in social and citizens’ media to keep the gun control industry on the run.

Now you can help us while reaching new and existing customers through the new Gun Facts banner sponsorship program. In a nutshell, the program works like this:

  • Your company or organization becomes an annual sponsor – three different levels are available.
  • Each level has a reserved banner place on every content page of the site.
  • Sponsors display banners at each visit, shared only with sponsors of the same level.
  • Each sponsorship level is limited, and thus your banners will not be diluted.

The advantages to your company or organization are obvious:

  1. Foremost, you are helping to advance knowledge about this critical policy issue.
  2. You pay for frequent exposure and not for each click.
  3. A single investment buys you over 240,000 potential exposures in a year.
  4. You are viewed as an active participant in protecting honesty and freedom.

Sponsorship details

Sponsorship levels: There are three sponsorship levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Banner placement: Your clickable banner is placed, in rotation with other sponsors, on each page and blog post (some exceptions are made for administrative pages such as this one and the home page).

Reserved spots, no dilution: Your banner runs in rotation with only sponsors of the same level, and the number of sponsors at each level is limited.

Sponsorship duration: Sponsorship is for one year, and your clickable banner will appear every day for a year from receipt of your graphics.

Sponsorship levels

Level Max Sponsors Banner Position Banner Size Annual Cost
Gold 10 Top of Page 728×90 $950
Silver 25 Middle of Page 468×60 $475
Bronze 50 Bottom of Page 728×90 $250

Outreach through Gun Facts

Significant Traffic:

As of October 2014, the Gun Facts we site drew over 20,000 page views a month and nearly 13,000 visitors. Your sponsorship banner will be visible on nearly every visit. The higher your sponsorship level, the more often it will be seen.


Thriving social media growth drives more views:

With the Gun Facts web site now fully mobile ready, the rate of page sharing constantly increases, driving even more views. We are also active on Twitter and Facebook to extend our reach.


More traction through the policy media outlets gains more sponsorship views at the Gun Facts web site:

By appearing on TV and radio programs that your existing customer base listens to, they will visit the Gun Facts web site and be exposed to your sponsorship branding.

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New audience generated via mass-media appearances creates new product interest:

New visitors come to the Gun Facts web site when we appear on mainstream media outlets, exposing your brand and message to new customers.

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Fill out the form above, or email us at sponsorships [at], to add your company or organization to our sponsorship family.