Gun politics changed in 2022, and the bunk is flowing!

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For nearly 25 years, Gun Facts has been free, arming you with ammo needed to hunt propaganda. By donating you feed the fund that goes toward:
  • Buying time for more analysis and reporting of the facts.
  • Acquiring tools to make infographics more meaningful to the public.
  • Rent studio time to create more 60-Second Gun Facts videos (see
  • Update our media contact databases to push facts to the press.

There are several donor levels (listed below) and gifts for each level. Each donation level has a separate PayPal link. Simply click on the “Donate” button to the right of the level for which you wish to donate. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click here for donate-by-snail-mail instructions).

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2022 Gun Facts Fundraiser Levels and Gifts

.22 Caliber Level – $1 or more

(and if you don’t want a gift)

Excerpt chapter from Guns and Control, but Gun Facts founder, Guy Smith

Everyone gets something! This year we are providing (gratus of Skyhorse Publishing) a big slice of the book Guns and Control, by the founder of the Gun Facts project.

In this PDF, you get Chapter I (Gun Availability) as well as the forewords by Lt Col. Dave Grossman, Second Amendment scholar David Hardy, and the introduction by Guy Smith.




(consider clicking the “Make This Recurring” option on the PayPal screen)

9mm Level ($25)

“Knowledge Is Ammo” sticky notes

One way to keep people talking is to make them think.

Start with pasting one of these sticky notes to all your correspondence.

Not only do you remind people that knowing beats believing, but you guide them to your favorite source of knowledge about the facts behind guns and control.

We’ll slide at least 50 4″x3″ sticky notes to you so you can slide them one at a time to everyone you know.


.40 Caliber Level ($50)

“Knowledge Is Ammo” note pad

Need to make a bigger statement? then write your notes to others on a Gun Facts notepad.

At a large 5×8.5″, your messages will be loud an clear, but what you write and that you know more about the subject of guns and control then the recipient does.


 12 Gauge Level ($100)

“Bang” Beanie

Keep you head (warm) when meeting people, and let them know what you know.

Folded cuff makes thes beanies tight and comfortable. Due to a minimum ordering quantity, we are only offering them in black (we’ll email you if the vendor does us a solid and allows for a color selection).


Bazooka Level ($200 or more)

Everything! And maybe more …

For our beloved Bazooka level donors (and there are more than a few) you get the whole shebang, and early birds get a little extra.

Yes, you get the sticky pads … and the note pads … and the beanie cap. We’ll also randomly toss in any overstocked items we may have.

But the first three (3) Bazooka donors also get an autographed copy of Guns and Control, the new book by Gun Facts founder Guy Smith.



An autographed copy of Guns and Control are waiting for the first five Bazooka Level Donors.

This is in addition to the beanie cap, post-it notes and notepads.

Hurry and send your Bazooka donation now!

NOTE: In all the years of the Gun Facts project, we have only once had to substitute a gift due to a vendor who duped us. So, we have to reserve the right to substitute gifts of similar cash value.