Below are various infographics that debunk gun control myths or the proponents of such. Clicking on the graphic will display or allow downloading of the high-resolution version. Right click and select “Save target as …” or “Save Link As …” to save the high resolution image to your computer. Description Infographic States with “strict” gun control laws get a larger share of traced crime guns from other “strict” states, and not states with “lax” gun control laws. What works and does not work in terms of gun control laws at the state level. Most restrictive and paper work laws do nothing to reduce crime, and may encourage robbery.   Infographic showing that the U.S. homicide rate fell during expansion of concealed carry laws. It also shows how homicides rose during both Prohibition and America’s War On Drugs. How likely are you to die in a mass shooting? It is the least of … Continue reading Infographics