This page is for members of the media who wish to leverage Gun Facts, Guy Smith’s knowledge concerning firearm control and Second Amendment law and origins.

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Television, Radio and Podcast Interviews with Guy Smith

Media Description
aj_jazeera_w284 Guy Smith interviewed on Al Jazeera television evening news. Discusses gun control in America in relation to mass shootings by mentally ill people.
Thom Hartmann - Big Picture - 2011-05 Guy Smith being interviewed on Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture, 2011-05-20. Discussing a patients’ privacy rights bill in Florida that had to do with firearms.
UC Santa Cruz forum - Gun Culture - May 2014 Guy Smith on a University of California at Santa Cruz public policy forum titled “Gun Culture” in May of 2014. Other panelists are from UCLA Law School, the Brady Campaign and the Liberal Gun Club.
still-shot Brief appearance by Guy Smith on KGO-TV discussing gun buy-backs.
An interview about the impact of large capacity magazines, appearing on Mike G. in the Morning, WFYL.
On Andrew Heaton’s Political Orphanage podcast discussing Guns and Control and what we do and don’t know about gun violence.
2010 interview on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk discussing what to expect after the McDonald/Chicago handgun ban case.
Interview on Liberty Watch Radio discussing the D.C. vs. Heller Supreme Court handgun ban case.
Gun Facts interview on Armed American Radio.
Gun Facts interview on Urban Shooter broadcast.
Long 2008 interview on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk discussing the Gun Facts book.

Promo Photographs – Guy Smith

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Biographical Information and Blurbs for Guy Smith

Guy Smith is a writer, songwriter and political provocateur. At times Smith has been a cowboy, surfer, computer guru and a marketing strategist. Throughout he has been committed to dressing down politicians in the process. “Once elected, you’re my employee and whipping boy.”

The Gun Facts e-book was originally a personal crib sheet a collection of notes about gun control, criminology, constitutional law and related topics. Smith began sharing his notes with others in the late 1990’s and discovered that most people faced the same problem: there was a mountain of real information that was unknown to the public. 

Since inception, the Gun Facts e-book (no longer in production) was downloaded into more than 165 countries (it was estimated that each major edition had a viral spread of over one million copies). Gun Facts has been cited in testimony before state public safety commissions and has been cited in a number of books including extensive coverage in Armed Response by David Kenik.

Smith contributes Op/Ed pieces to major metropolitan newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune). He has published over 150 magazine articles and has published or is working on both fiction and non-fiction books.

Cover art for Guns and Control

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