Gun crime is highly localized

From the FBI’s Supplemental Homicide Tables (2018):

  • 15 counties (out of 3,143), or 0.5% of all counties…
  • … with about 0.8% of the nation’s population…
  • had 25% of gun homicides.
  • About 50% of counties in any given year had zero gun homicides.
Illinois Firearm Homicide Share by County 2018

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In any given state, the concentration of homicides into one county is typical. For example, in Illinois, most homicides occur in Cook County (Chicago). In Maryland, 65% of gun homicides are in Baltimore City. In Tennessee, it is Shelby County (Memphis) with 45%.

Lack of policing and homicide resolution

In our study linked above, we asked why these 15 counties had 25% of gun homicides. Of the 26 variables we tested, understaffing of police departments and their associated low rate of solving homicides (AKA clearance rate) were the most important factors.