We use cookies, but not directly.

We host using WordPress. We use several plugins (software) to help manage the site and advertising. Some of these plugins use cookies. We have little or no control over them.

For example, we use one plugin to manage pop-overs (those annoying overlays that keep you from going directly to content) such as our annual reminder about how to get bigger charts. These types of plugins use cookies to keep from showing you something over and over again.

We also use plugins that help us manage advertising, which mainly means Google ads and Amazon ads. These use cookies as well.

Otherwise, we are unaware of what other plugins may or may not use cookies, but since the rest of our plugins are for internal management of the site, odds are they do not affect you.

We have no opt-out policy. If you use our website, you implicitly agree to our cookie policy.


We only collect personal information for our emailing system. We do not sell or share that information with anyone.  We do not sell access to you via our inhouse email system, so nobody can contact you that way either.