90% … or not

Outside the NRA convention, a gun control activist said: “We’re just here really to be the voice of the 90 percent of Americans that think we can do more to protect our fellow citizens from gun violence.” This is a two-for-one special, based on panic polling after the Sandy Hook massacre and propaganda word smithing. The 90% number appears to come from a Gallup poll concerning so-called universal background checks (since 40-80% of crime guns come from illegal street sources, there is no universality at play here). In the wake of Sandy Hook, as many as 90% of people polled favored expanded background checks. But that number rapidly receded to under 65% within four months, and is lower today. Once people unraveled the tragedy and examined the proposed legislation outside of panic, the 90% number instantly became inaccurate. But it is still being used by the gun control industry today. The … Continue reading