About Katarina Ustymenko

Katarina Ustymenko is a gun owner, gun right activist and journalist from Ukraine. She is a big fan of The Second Amendment and sure that American gun law, gun traditions and gun owners society are the perfect example for her country.

Weapon in Ukraine: Lessons in Law and Reality

The following is a guest blog by a Ukrainian gun owner. There is an old joke about people and guns here in the Ukraine. A man went outside and saw his neighbor showering a flowerbed using lubricating oil. “What are you doing, my friend?” he asked. “Your flowers will wilt!” “Sure,” his friend replied. “My flowers will wilt, but my machinegun will not rust!” Such is the state of firearm ownership in the Ukraine. The right to own a firearm is heavily restricted. With Russian soldiers and tanks in our streets, you might think a citizens’ militia would be a reason to remove such restrictions. But it isn’t and decades of such restrictions have led to well lubricated flowers here. From the first stone axe used by one caveman against another, the right to arms for self-defense – and national defense – is one of our oldest stories. So too is … Continue reading