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  1. Dear Katarina,
    I’m a half-russian italian and I don’t understand why your people tolerates all this. Here in Italy we have a restrictive law as well. In facts you simply CAN’T have a licence for “self defence”. I think 90% of italian licenses are for “sport usage”. Furthermore in Italy there is no law mandating the ways to keep a gun, those have been introduced by jurisprudence of courts.
    Keep up,
    All the best

  2. Dear Andrea!
    Thank you for your reply.
    Well, in august 31 we got a gun right meeting near our Parliament – to notice deputies about our rights. Ukrainian Gun Owners Association wrote the Gun law and there are few years, Association trying to move it through the Parliament.
    We do not want to take our rights illegal, but legal our old police are doing all to prevent. But without Ukrainian Second Amendment, we can’t get our rights.

  3. I’m glad I’m American and as such have the right to own guns. I read a while back, during the Euromaidan protests, that something akin to the American Second Amendment was one of the protesters’ demands. I hadn’t heard anything since then on the subject (then again, half of the news I get from Ukraine comes from two Ukrainian friends of mine, because the situation there doesn’t regularly make US news and I can read the language but can’t speak it). Unfortunately, it seems you didn’t get an enumerated right to bear arms. That’s a shame, especially for a relatively small country that shares a border with a large, aggressive country.

  4. Well, we are trying to take our gun right. Ukrainian Gun Owners Association’s petticion to President took 25000 voices in 3 days (term is 90days!) We had a meeting near Parliment in august 31, but after us few political parties announced their meetings at the same place and time. And when after 4 hours we went out, they started riots and fights, and grenade was thrown at the guards of the parliament.
    It is unfortunate that unscrupulous politicians are trying to arrange provocations around the basic rights of citizens. But we did not give up and will continue to pursue our right to bear arms.

    • I am an American and wish you success. We hold that the right to keep and bear arms comes from God … not man … and is simply a part of being a human being. No woman should have to beat off a rapist using the same tools he is using to rape her with.

      Continue the struggle … particularly given the political climate in your country, YOU need the right to keep and bear arms even more than I do … but no man or woman is ever disarmed except for the convenience of would-be tyrants.

      • Thank you Bill!
        That is the problem in fact – you see it from US, and our goverment did not see it from here. But no matter what, we will not be disarmed! :)

  5. TO Katarina,

    I am a permanent resident from India. I am a PR of Canada also. MY wife is from Ukraine and we have 2 kids to protect. Our neighborhoods are infested with drunken and drug addicts. And i used to hunt both in India and Canada. I am totally shocked to know about the gun control laws in Ukraine. and worst how you cant even protect your family even in the case of clear and present danger to them. Ukraine needs a law like the American Second Amendment.
    the right to bear arms is vital and it a shame, what gov is doing to its citizens especially when they have a communist Roge nation like Russia with Hitler styled Putin at its top. great job with the info and keep fighting. by the way i will get my hunting shotgun.

  6. What would happen if a hand gun was brought into Ukraine. What would be the punishment
    Is there any specific law about this or ammunition
    Being flown in?

  7. Well, it would be confiscation and jail.

    However, the President, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Defense have the right to reward citizens with award weapons (ranging from short weapons to machine guns, no restrictions, in fact). And, according to rumors (but it’s true) for a bribe of 5000 dollars, such a reward can be issued by anyone who wishes.

    This is mainly the Ministry of the Interior business. The problem is that the Ministry does not keep reports on these awards. In this way there is a huge amount of unaccounted weapons in the country, which seem to be legitimate. And taking into account the absence of the law that regulates the sale and possession of weapons, and the actions of only the internal order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is actually illegal, the Ministry can do whatever it wants in the shortcut issue.

  8. I don’t get it – for every firearm you need separate license? Assuming that I am an Ukraine citizen, if I already had one rifle and after couple months (more than 3) I want to buy another one I would have to do the same process of getting the license again?

  9. Exactly. For each unit of weapons you need to pass a medical examination, take exams and get permission. Regardless of how many already official weapons you have.
    But the most interesting is another thing. According to the legislation of Ukraine – possession and use of weapons are regulated by a special law … but there is no law. The old one was canceled, but the new one was not written. There is an internal police instruction, but according to the law, it can not act and apply to citizens, since it also refers to the law … but there is no law. Accordingly, we have a completely free arms market because it is not regulated by any laws. Only now the police don`t care. That’s how we live. :)

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