2015 Gun Facts Fundraiser

For over 15 years, Gun Facts has been available for free, arming you with ammo you need to hunt propaganda. Thanks to your generosity last year, we hit all of our 2014 goals. We have bigger plans for 2015 and need your help. By donating you feed the fund that goes toward:

  • Acquire better visualization tools to make infographics meaningful to the public.
  • Buying media contact databases to push facts to the press.
  • Obtain camera, lighting and audio to produce 60-second info spots and appear on network news broadcasts more often.
  • Get software written to automate dumping the web contents into the PDF and print books.

scroll down for donation levels and prizes ↓

There are several donor levels (listed below) and gifts for each level. Each donation level has a separate PayPal link. Simply click on the “Donate” button to the right of the level for which you wish to donate. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click here for donate-by-snail-mail instructions).

The 2015 Gun Facts fundraiser runs for 31 days – March 1 thru March 31st – so donate today!

Please forward the link to this page to every freedom focused person in your mailing list, as well as posting the link on all your favorite political and gun discussion groups! Click here for a ready made email to send.

2015 Gun Facts Fundraiser Levels and Gifts

.22 Caliber ($1 or more)

poster-1-w800Everyone gets something! This year our buddy Chris Muir of the Day by Day Cartoon has again offered up art with which to decorate your home, office or gun range. All donors will be able to download a PDF of this year’s Gun Facts Fundraiser poster. The posters will be available for home printing on 8.5 X 11, 11 X 17 and 18 X 24 (sizes you can print at home or your local office supply store).


(consider clicking the “Make This Recurring” option on the PayPal screen)

9mm ($25)

9mm-prize-cluster-2Choice is good, like choosing between revolvers and pistols. So we are giving 9mm Level donors a choice of prizes. For the beverage consumers we have camo beer/soda cozies and shot glasses. For family-focused donors, a rear window deal letting tailgaters know where you stand road rage self-defense tactical equipment. You will get to select which one of the three gifts you want via email (we’ll contact you).


.40 Caliber ($50)

40-cal-prize-clusterMore choice? No problem. .40 Caliber donors get to choose from three nifty numbers to decorate their (wo)man cave, gun room or torso. One choice is a beverage coaster made of stone and with a cork backing for setting your wine glass or beer mug upon. Alternately, take an autographed 2015 Fundraiser commemorative target to the range or hang it in your reloading room. But if you really want to impress folks on the firing line, wear an “I Plead The 2nd” t-shirt with the Gun Facts logo on the pocket.


.50 Caliber ($75)

knife-prizeIf you like being on the cutting edge, then the .50 Cal club is for you. Donors at the .50 Caliber level will receive an Iain Sinclair folding wallet knife. This handy knife Incorporates a Zytel® child-proof safety lock built into the single piece medical grade Borealis™ polypropylene body (the living hinges are guaranteed for life). The snap-fit blade lock also provides excellent rigidity in both open and closed positions. Super thin and super sharp, this carry everywhere knife disappears into your wallet, your front pocket or your pocketbook. Not shown is the inscription “2015 Gun Facts Fundraiser” which shows your fellow freedom junkies how truly sharp you are.

NOTE! We might not be able to ship the knives to your country (U.S. and Canada are OK). Please check your local import laws.


 12 Gauge Level ($100)

12-gaugel-prize-cluster-horizontalCan’t settle on just one prize? Then get three! 12 Gauge donors get to pick one of the prizes that 9mm donors get, and they get one of the .40 Caliber donors do too. Chose two of either the rear window sticker, camo beer cozie or “shot” glass, then pick one of either the stone beverage coaster, “I Plead The 2nd” t-shirt or autographed target.


Bazooka Level ($200 or more)

bazzoka-prize-cluster-horizontalFor the woman or man who wants nearly everything (even if they are buying it for their man or woman), the Bazooka level gets you just that … NEARLY EVERYTHING! We will toss in your choice of a prize from the 9MM list, one from the .40 Caliber donor prize set and the Iain Sinclair wallet knife!  Be sure to take all of these items to your next Second Amendment meeting!

NOTE! We might not be able to ship the knives to your country (U.S. and Canada are OK). Please check your local import laws.