You can advertise both on the Gun Facts web site. Contact us guy [at] to discuss pricing and volume.

Advertising on the Gun Facts web site

There are many advertising insertion locations on One is trafficked by Google AdWords. The rest are available on a subscribed basis. The AdWord locations can also be replaced with subscribed insertions.

The Gun Facts website has considerable traffic. See page bottom for stats and stuff.

Ad Location Specific Page Run-of-site AdWords Subscribed Monthly Subscribed Rate
Left side bar (floating – always on page) Yes Yes Yes $120
Top Sitewide (between content and header graphic) Yes  Yes Yes $95
Middle Sitewide (inside of content) Yes Yes $55
Page bottom (bottom of content, above footer) Yes  Yes Yes $25
Footers (four slots available) Yes Yes Yes $25

Google AdWords: Primary ad space on Gun Facts is handled by Google’s AdWords system (left sidebar, page top and page bottom). It is a run-of-site, which means it appears on almost every page within the Gun Facts website.

AdWord’s Target and Bid setting allows you to manually key in the names of the sites on which you display ads. This is a fast and simple way to put ads on

Subscribed Placements: You can also place your ads on the Gun Facts website for a fixed fee for a specific period of time. This includes the ad space where Google ads appear, other site-wide locations, on specific pages, or on specific device types (desktop, phones, tablets).

We also have the ability to reformat specific pages and add new areas for your advertisements (such as adding a right-side margin for a skyscraper advert).

Contact guy [at] to schedule your ad placement. Web Traffic information for advertisers (last updated on 2019-09-05)

Annually Average Monthly
Sessions 170,000 14,000
Page Views 221,500 18,400
Peak Users 1,500 / day
Google Traffic Map for 2019-09-05

Map of the countries that visit the Gun Facts website

Visitor Demographics for 2019-09-05