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Description Infographic
States with "strict" gun control laws get a larger share of traced crime guns from other "strict" states, and not states with "lax" gun control laws. Source states for guns, strict and lax gun control laws
What works and does not work in terms of gun control laws at the state level. Most restrictive and paper work laws do nothing to reduce crime, and may encourage robbery.  
Infographic showing that the U.S. homicide rate fell during expansion of concealed carry laws. It also shows how homicides rose during both Prohibition and America's War On Drugs. Comparison of U.S. homicides and handgun supply
Some of the more important numbers concerning mass public shootings. Mass Public Shootings - by the numbers
How likely are you to die in a mass shooting? It is the least of your worries. You are more than a thousand times more likely to die from Parkinson's Disease. Chart showing death rates of diseases vs. mass shootings
What is the probability of being injured by an attacker given various ways of defending yourself? If you want to stay whole and healthy, using a gun is your top option. Chart showing the probability of being injured by an attacker given various ways of defending yourself
Do more guns cause less crime? There are many variables to examine, but we can see that a rise in handgun availability/supply and the number of states with shall-issue and constitutional concealed carry coincided with a drop in firearm violence (fatal and non-fatal). Though this does not prove that more guns leads to less crime, it does show that they don't create a bigger problem. Chart showing a 20 year trend in gun violence, handgun supply and concealed carry licenses
Who is killed with guns in America. This infographics displays a step-by-step breakdown of the forms of gun deaths and reveals that the core of the problem is confined to a well known group of bad actors. An infographic with the breakdown of who gets shot in America, detailing the sources of gun violence
New York City's low violent crime rate is not from its ancient gun control laws, but from recent bulking-up of the police force and clean-up of crime-ridden neighborhoods. It also mirrors the drop in violence nationally. Trend line chart for violent crime in New York City and the United States