Gun policy is of national and local interest. Unfortunately, it is also a highly polarized topic, with both pro- and anti-gun policy organizations telling only part of the story or peddling outright misinformation.

Gun Facts lives by our motto, “We are neither pro-gun not anti-gun, we are pro-math and anti BS.” We thus strive to dig well below the surface claims of policy groups and provide:

  • Quality data from gold-standard sources
  • Important insights that are not crafted to any agenda
  • Debunk bad claims and memes

This guide is for working journalist to:

  • Gain rapid understanding of the realities about guns and violence
  • Avoid publishing embarrassing work sullied by activist materials
  • See underlying issues and important details missed by other news organizations

Naturally, this guide cannot cover every subtopic. Should you need help exploring any issue related to guns, please contact us at info[at] and we’ll take the time to walk you through what we have learned in 25+ years of research, or even to find the information you need.