No institutional funding

The Gun Facts project receives zero money from agenda institutions (and to date no funding from non-aligned or government agencies either). Nor do we ask for money from them.

We have been offered such money – from both national organizations and from state-level outfits affiliated with national organizations – and we turned down that money … which really hurts because it such money is significantly more than we current receive in donations.

We do this because we are the primary (perhaps only) non-ideological, independant gun policy research outfit … and we want to keep it that way.

All donations come from fans

100% of Gun Facts donations come from people who like our work. We hold an (more or less) annual fundraising event (average donation is about ). We also encourage people to become sustaining donors and give a little each month (average monthly donation $10).

One oddball note

On three separate occasions were received unsolicited checks from county-level social groups who definitely had opinions about guns and their control. The average of these donations was about . Given that they were local groups, and one was unaffiliated with any state or national organization, we decided this was not “influence” money and banked the small change.