Female Fibs

Driving a political wedge between wives and their husbands is a pretty lame notion. But leave it to a Michael Bloomberg apparatchik and an activist media outlet to give it a try.

In one other their growingly desperate newsletters, The Trace (a agitprop pump delivering unfiltered intellectual effluvium from Bloomberg’s lips) flaunted a story about how women were in immediate peril from husbands and boyfriends and guns. Using scary sounding numbers, devoid of perspective and comparison, the article attempted to make women believe a man she knew with a gun was her mortal enemy.

That would be your hubby.

Starting with the leading premise

The Trace used as their data source a set of spreadsheets architected by the Associated Press, an organization who drags journalism down the wrong side of the bell curve. Long known for providing an anti-gun skew, the AP doubled down by segregating data from the FBI’s Supplemental Homicide dataset. They only documented women (obscuring the fact that men are vastly more likely to be murdered in America than ladies) and only looked at firearm homicides. They then broke down the number of instances where a firearm was used to murder a woman (getting kinda narrow here kids) by the attacker.

As any researcher will attest, starting with a premise leads you to the data you want. If your goal is to measure only female victims of firearm homicides, then that is surely the data you generate. If the more intelligent question is what endangers women the most in violent crime, you get an entirely different set of numbers and more useful perspective. Which is why the AP and The Trace did just the opposite.

Looking broadly

Relationship Firearm Non-Firearm Percent Non
Family 433 339 44%
Acquaintance 498 438 47%
Stranger 88 40 31%
Total 1,019 815 44%

When we look at the murder of women in the United States, we see a few interesting facts that The Trace studiously avoided.

Foremost, nearly as many women are murdered without guns as with them. One disadvantage women have is typically being smaller, physically weaker, and rarely invigorated by testosterone poisoning. An enraged man – husband, boyfriend or not – can dispatch a woman with blunt force trauma or with a common knife, perhaps of the domestic kitchen variety.

A woman with a gun, however, tends to change the statistics.

The Gun Facts Project noticed a while back that women are murdered at higher ratios to men in countries with strict gun control. Does the close-to-even ratio of firearm-to-non-firearm homicides of women in the United State show a better balance of power between the sexes? Perhaps.

Homicide Rates of Females by Race and AgeThe other thing worth noting is that firearm homicides of women constitute roughly 7% of all homicides. Thus, the average American woman need worry nearly naught for she isn’t a likely target. Of the women who were shot dead, there is a vastly disproportionate number of them that are black and between the ages of 18 and 24, an intersection that coincides with inner-city gang participation. The statistics include women killed by gang member boyfriends, a huge part of The Trace’s taradiddle.

Fear not female friends

The Trace, being a bought-and-paid-for propaganda production facility cannot be faulted for trying to make women fearful. It is their job. But, oh, what a lowly profession. The Gun Facts Project prefers to provide enlightenment, perspective and to let women know that if they are not living in the gritty inner cities, they have little fear from their men or guns.

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