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  1. One correction:
    “Montana, the 48th least populated state by population density”
    …got lost in the negatives… I think you mean “the third lowest state in population density.”

  2. There are two types of ‘no duty to retreat’ worth noting:
    1) Hard (a prosecutor cannot even suggest the defender had no duty but could have and a reasonable person would have!)
    2 Soft (prosecutors may argue failure to retreat was unreasonable, even if leagal)
    The relevance to this article and research is likely zero or near zero.

    More important, you seem to have missed another type of ‘stand your ground’ state: Those based on Case Law (aka Common Law).

    For example, California is a ‘no duty to retreat’ state for more than 120 years. Not by legislation. Rather, by case law (look up California jury instructions).

    Also, I am rather certain there are more than 20 stand your ground states (as of the date this article was published.

    Your opening statement is, sadly very accurate. I will avoid getting into the many lies fostered by certain groups and media sources, difficult as that is to do.

    (Well, beyond pointing out that anti no duty to retreat groups’ beloved CA is no better than those terrible ‘stand your ground’ states, but for their ignorance, lies and bias in regard to this issue)

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