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  1. * It is odd that Chicago that has a lower homicide rate than either San Bernadino or Memphis should have a much higher gang penetration.

    * 6% is a massive figure for Chicago. I am guessing the vast majority of gang members are male and between 15 and 45. 6% is about a quarter of all the people in Chicago in that category. Is that credible bearing mind it includes young men of every race and employment?

    • Idk, I spent almost 3 years in the Chicago area and 6% seems very credible. Seemed like everyone (under 30) was a member of or affiliated with a gang. A lot of girls are in gangs too.

    • How do the country’s largest cities compare? Of America’s three biggest cities, Chicago had the highest violent crime rate at 884.26 violent crimes per capita. New York City had a rate of 596.7 and Los Angeles had a rate of 490.71.

  2. Keep in mind that the stats are for San Bernadino _County_. This may skew some elements. Also, most of Chicago’s homicides are clustered in the south side, leaving the rest of the town relatively violence free, so their homicide rates are reflected against the total population. Would be fun to dig into those numbers, but I won’t find time to do that soon.

    The stats came from Chicago Crime Commission’s gang book. I suspect they are about as good as such estimates get. Again, no time tonight for me to run numbers, but if these estimates are accurate (and given that they also estimated 70 active gangs), then it is possible.

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