Cali Suicide Calumny — 2 Comments

  1. Noticed the large number of suicides in the 11-30 day range. Was the number of days determined from date of application, or date of reception? IIRC, Kalifornia has a 10 day waiting period for all firearms, so it would follow there were very few events before that period was up.

    • This is another quirk in the study, but of relatively minor importance, so we didn’t bother to mention it.

      Per the authors, “We defined exposure as beginning on the date of first handgun acquisition, although acquirers were not eligible to take possession of the weapon until 10 days later, owing to California’s mandatory waiting period.”

      So, the start measuring “acquisition” at the time you lay down cash. But some people acquire handguns outside of retail (such as inheritance) that do not involve the 10-day wait, so there is no way to control for the split.

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