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  2. The rapes in Sweden are not commited by Swedes!!!!
    Arabs and Africans are overrepresented by 23 times. 2200 %.

    /a concerned Swede

    • Thanks for that data point. Would like to see the statistics confirmed. To do have a link to the report detailing this?

  3. After this report, it became illegal to note the country of origin for the criminals.
    The Swedish government and mainstream media are doing all they can to cover this up.

    We take in 100.000 asylum seekers per year. And allow them to bring their familys. 100.000 more people. In a country of 8 million people.

    All these new immigrants are granted free cash (approx 1500 USD/month), a free apartment, free dental care with priorized que, free medicare, free bus card etc. For the rest of their lives.

    Free means that I pay.

    They pay back by raping our women.

    Feel free to remove this comment if it is offending.
    /a concerned swede

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