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During a CCTV televised discussion, an anti-gun agitator rebutted my statement that the United States had a lower firearm homicide rate than international averages (here is one of my favorite charts that proves the point and shows zero correlation between gun availability and gun homicides). His snarky remark (and I closely paraphrase) was “That’s easy when you compare us to places like Somalia!”

Actually, the worst nations don’t report their homicide rates. If they did, the United States would look even better than it does now.

His belabored point was that in “industrialized” countries with allegedly civil societies (sans guns), life is oh so much better. Someone should tell all the Swedish rape victims.

But his challenge required some investigation. Here is what we can see from international data, which incidentally is not always of great quality or cross-border compatibility (click any chart to enlarge it).

Industrialized nations - firearm homicides and gun ownershipFirearm Homicides: The United States does have a high firearm homicide rate compared to other industrialized countries. But since firearms are used to prevent crime as well as commit crime, we have to look further. We already know that when tough laws (like California’s 10-20-Life) target thugs, the firearm homicide rate plunges.

International firearm ownership and homicide ratesAll Homicides: The United States still ranks high in homicides compared to other advanced societies, but notice that we are no longer alone. Estonia has a higher homicide rate than America despite having 1/10th the number of firearms per capita. South Korea is a fairly fatal place despite having 1/100th the firepower. The point is that people find a way to murder even without a gun.
Industrialized nations - rape and gun ownershipRapes: My wife is part Swedish, so I felt a bit of personal shock to see Sweeds raping like it was a national industry, at double the rate Americans do. Though we Yanks are no innocents when it comes to sexual assault, we have to assume that female owned firearms have kept a few visiting Sweeds at bay. Our rape rate is about 80% of the industrialized average.
Industrialized nations - robbery and gun ownershipRobberies: Muggers don’t like armed ATM users, and it shows with Americans suffering robberies at almost 70% the rate of other nations with indoor plumbing. Get walloped in Wales, bludgeoned in Belgium and swiped in Spain seems to be the rule of the day.

The take-away:

Being industrialized does not take away crime. Cultural factors guide misbehavior. American street gangs – the ones responsible for most violence and most murder – use the best tools they can, namely handguns. Swedish men use other tools for other crimes. Englishmen don’t mind beating you bloody while robbing you.

The goal then has nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with controlling criminal intent. Cure the disease and the symptoms go away as well.


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  2. The rapes in Sweden are not commited by Swedes!!!!
    Arabs and Africans are overrepresented by 23 times. 2200 %.

    /a concerned Swede

    • Thanks for that data point. Would like to see the statistics confirmed. To do have a link to the report detailing this?

  3. After this report, it became illegal to note the country of origin for the criminals.
    The Swedish government and mainstream media are doing all they can to cover this up.

    We take in 100.000 asylum seekers per year. And allow them to bring their familys. 100.000 more people. In a country of 8 million people.

    All these new immigrants are granted free cash (approx 1500 USD/month), a free apartment, free dental care with priorized que, free medicare, free bus card etc. For the rest of their lives.

    Free means that I pay.

    They pay back by raping our women.

    Feel free to remove this comment if it is offending.
    /a concerned swede

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