Permitless Murders — 4 Comments

  1. ” which means residents (and, depending on the state, occasionally non-residents) ”

    Read the Constitution ….Article IV, Section 2, “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to ALL Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States”

    • Not quite the case. The privileges and immunities clause tends to track with permits and adjudications.

      For example, a medical license in Florida is not valid in Oregon. But a divorce decree in California is valid everywhere.

      Until such time as the Supremes declare public carry as fundamental right, extending state-level permissions to non-residents is optional. I forget the name of the organization, but they coordinate which laws/permits/etc are valid across state lines, such as drivers’ licenses.

  2. I am totally second amendment supporter I have carried now for probably 15 16 years in two different states. I have a concealed carry license. I’m not a advocate of permitless Carry, in my opinion getting a license to carry shows responsibility shows you’ve made a commitment to do things safely responsibly and protect yourself and others I think a permitless Carriers just do it out of a whim whereas a license person you’re making a commitment.

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