Trends in Mass Public Shootings — 4 Comments

  1. Hello, Guy. Your work, you and crew, always is so crisp, detailed yet concise, and illuminating. A fairly good, yet inadequate podcast dated 6/09 form Bari Weill titled “What To Do About Guns” might be of interest and would benefit from Gun Facts input. Weiss was on the editorial board of WSJ and NYT, retiring from NYT in protest against its political orthodoxy and punishment of heterodoxy. I have dropped your name to her and to Megyn Kelly in the matter of recent gun coverage. Weiss and Kelly themselves and their producers seem to have limited access to people who are serious and unbiased researchers. They would benefit from conversation with you.

    Best wishes.

  2. Great illustration of these different stats. Are the rising trends adjusted for population growth? (MPS per 100,000 etc?)

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