School Shooting Database and Propaganda — 7 Comments

  1. Great opening paragraph!
    What I would like to see, is the actual factual number of legitimate students shot/killed while on campus during normal school hours.

    • Interesting question.

      If by “legitimate student” you mean on who was supposed to be on the campus attending classes, and not a crosstown student seeking gangland revenge, then the numbers below might be helpful (I say might because for each “school shooting” they list only one entry … so for any row aside from “multiple victims” I’m assuming there was only one):

      Victim Cases
      ====== =====
      Student 62.8%
      No Victims 12.9%
      Multiple Victims 6.9%
      Teacher 6.4%
      Other Staff 3.6%
      No Relation 2.6%
      Parent 2.0%
      Unknown 1.3%
      Relative 0.4%
      Visiting Student 0.4%
      Former Student 0.3%
      Bus Driver 0.1%
      Former School Employee 0.1%
      School Resource Officer 0.1%

      What caught my eye was that 13% of instances, there were no victims, which echoes the high rate of “accidental” discharges.

  2. Although Mother Jones is a Left Leaning organization, they do tell the truth about “mass shootings” including those that occurred on school grounds and with at least 3 people killed. From 1982 to 2018 they list 67 school shootings by my count in those 36 years or less than 2 per year on average. Some years no school shooting, some years more. The Mommies Demanding Attention will count anything even BB guns, shots fired on school grounds after hours and even a accidental discharge by a SRO as a “school shooting” to drive up the numbers. Look at the list and count for yourself.

    • We agree. In fact, we use both the Mother Jones and the Crime Prevention Research Center databases when doing our research here at the Gun Facts project. The only change we make is to filter the Mother Jones database to conform with the pre-established criminology definition of 4+ dead, not including the attacker(s). Other than them using the wrong definition, their collection is of reasonable quality.

    • Asking the person, indirectly, if they are bright enough to know what the database actually reports (e.g. do they have basic math skills).

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