School Shootings Stats — 4 Comments

    • In the paper, they denote that it is the archaic description of any primary education building.

      In the 1980s and early 1900s, many counties still had one-room or on-building schools, and they were routinely called “school houses”.

  1. Every firearms owner must be aware that owning a firearm comes with a great deal of responsibility. Knowing the four cardinal rules of shooting is but one of them. Securing your firearms so that those who should not be able to get to them are stymied, whether in a gun safe, with firearms locks, or otherwise rendering the firearm unshootable is equally as important. Hiding your firearm is not on that list simply because it quite simply doesn’t work. Children are particularly inquisitive and amazingly adept at finding things adults consider to be well-hidden. The threat of dire consequences for touching a carelessly available firearm is great, but far from fool-proof. Lock ’em up so that you don’t get locked up.

  2. My father raised a whole tribe of kids, he was a gun lover and owned more than what would be thought of as just the norm. He had dozens of guns. They were never locked up, he had them everywhere. We were educated at what most might consider too young of an age( around 3-4) depending on each kid and how they mentally matured, he had a simple manner of giving you a life long memory of how much damage a gun could cause. He would simply hand use a rifle that was way too big, too heavy, and have us fire it off as we looked down the sight aiming (with much much struggle) down the barrel. When we pulled the trigger it would of course kick back and up, both of which would cause injury to us since we were so small. As you basically picked yourself up off the ground, with you face swelling,and possibly bleeding some, your shoulder in pain and you crying loudly. Then he would say to you, never forget that every bit of pain you feel now came from the end of the gun that doesn’t really cause the person any pain. That you must remember the pain come out of the other end and all you feel now, it’s nothing when compared to what then bullet coming out the other end causes. Guns are not toys, not ever for play, and if you ever point one at someone your life better be in danger because that action if taken will kill they other person. He always said there’s no such thing as an empty gun and forgetting that will likely result in the end of your life or that of someone else. It was something every single one of us and many kids that were just our friends never forgot. That was just his first lesson on guns, he had many many more. No one ever played around with them. He hated bb guns, he felt they taught kids to disrespect guns and was the true cause for so many Accidental shootings as people got older, that they didn’t see the seriousness of what the gun was capable of. I agree 100%. Some may not agree with the tactics My dad used and to them I say this his tactics were 100% effective for more kids than I can ever say because another of the ones he trained, trained others in same manner and there has NEVER been any problems from anyone ever experiencing that form of education. So what your opinion on the matter may be means nothing to those of us growing up loving guns and respecting them at same time. More kids should be trained in same manner. Let it hurt them first, then show them the joy they can bring and security they provide while not making it an easy thing for you to pull the trigger on someone else. Because you know the pin is tremendous.

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