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  1. It is unfortunate that there are many magazines and journals which have fallen prey to this mentality and for “payment” are willing to fall in step with the progressives and the left and have sold their soul for ” a mess of pottage” thinking that some really think.

  2. “If you repeat a lie enough times people will begin to believe it”. J. Goebbels, Propaganda Ministry, Third Reich.

    • what is also as startling is the number of people willingly eager to believe the lies without even considering facts or the amount of information freely available for them to check it out. It is as if the public at large thinks their intelligence and understanding is exceptional and correct, while thriving on imaginary news. When asking anti-gunners if they’ve researched both sides for a clearer, more objective understanding, they are not interested in the rest of the story. The lies are sufficient to base their opinions on.

  3. Have you sent anything, such as this article to either the author or Scientific American? I’m curious as to their response.

    • Won’t bother. If I had to interact with every publication that got the facts wrong, I’d never sleep.

      • Please bother! It might be wasted effort but conversely it could just open the eyes of an editor who was duped into publishing bogus “facts”; there are a wealth of people in the publishing trade that don’t know jack about firearms.


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