Mental Mass Contrast — 2 Comments

  1. Much of the crime and violence problem in the US today is directly attributable to the justice/medical systems using “the streets” as “extension prisons/clinics,” while simultaneously rendering the general public incapable of personal defense against the inmates.

    Theoretically at least, prison serves three purposes: punishment, rehabilitation, and quarantine. Psychiatric confinement serves the latter two. Our rulers have taken to underestimating the value to society of quarantining threats to the common citizen, and our violence problem is the result.

  2. I have only one concern with “improving” the Mental Health System. That is over-reaction and abuse. I rate this as a singular problem, because the two are inter-connected. By “over-reaction” I mean that people diagnosed with a disorder might be confined even though they are “High Functioning”, which is to say exhibit minimal symptoms with absolutely no indicators of violent tendencies, “just to be safe”.

    Followed by abuse, wherein family members and other concerned parties, over-represent the symptoms or indicators to care givers to pass on a perceived problem to someone else, which could lead to over-reaction by Mental Health Providers.

    Either could lead to an unfair adjudication of mental deficiency, which is the real concern. The affected would have little means or opportunity to oppose the petition, due to their perceived shortcomings. While some might think this knee-jerk, we only have to look as far as the recent case of Brittany Spears, except without the massive funding to provide for “care”, such as she had.

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