Fed Fail on Guns? — 3 Comments

  1. Another question (outside this scope)… FBI UCR reports reduced non-violent crime for 2020, but >95% of “protesters” who collectively committed perhaps $10B in property damage nationwide have been let off without prosecution. Can we really trust the UCR number?

    • By and large, the UCR numbers are sound, and they are the best we have. This is not to say there are not problems (we discuss one aspect of this briefly in

      As for rough, raw numbers during the crazy 2020 year, their stats are likely respectable. But already criminologists are moitting 2020 from their trending analysis because, well, it was 2020.

  2. Suggestion: A charge of criminal use/possession of a firearm is not eligible for bail, and upon conviction, a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole shall be imposed. There shall be no options for plea-bargaining these charges. Upon arrest, an immediate “habeus corpus” hearing shall be convened to ascertain the validity of the charges (to weed out those who “forgot their wallet with their driver license and firearms permit etc). In the case of a minor, the prior criminal history shall be available to the judge, if said minor has prior firearm/violent convictions, he/she shall be tried as an adult.

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