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  1. Interesting how Obama wants to impose gun-control on law-abiding Americans, while he and Congress send thousands of machine guns to Free Syria Army, Libyan rebels to go shoot up their own governments; gee, how come gun control applies to every one else except Obama ? The rebels don’t have to submit to “conceal-carry permits”, do they?

  2. If the number of firearm murders has been fairly stable over 15 years, and the homicide rate per hundred thousand has fallen from about 9 to 4.5 over 30 years, what explains the latter? Is it only the population rise? That seems bad math. Or is it something else? For instance, CA we control for murder rate in the inner cities and for gang/drug involvement? Are these murder types rising while the general rate in ordinary society is failing?
    I suggest this as a new area of research or simply a reworking of the data.

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