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  1. Another excellent article. Anyone who has studied the crime data also knows that homicide rates within the inner cities are disproportionately higher homicides outside of those areas. While taking a detailed look at the FBI UCR pertaining to homicides in Detroit, I noticed that homicides dropped to zero or near zero even the cities directly adjacent to Detroit. Then, I looked at Chicago, Baltimore, Wash DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans, etc. Same thing.

    If you were to take a giant map of the US, and place a tiny light in the location for every homicide, cities like those listed above would light up like Christmas trees. The towns adjacent to or outside of these major inner city areas, would be virtually dark. Presents a powerful visual of what is actually happening.

    1) Homicides are highly concentrated to inner cities.
    2) According to one study I’ve read, approximately 90% people who commit homicides, already have at least one felony on their record. The average murdered has 4 felonies on their record. Goes to show that people simply don’t wake up one day and decide to kill. They “grow” into that level of violence.
    3) This also shows our politician’s dishonesty on what is actually happening. The moment there is a “mass shooting” we hear the cries for gun control. The thing is…mass murder inside the inner cities is a daily occurrence. The gun grabbers refuse to discuss that.
    4) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly. Virtually all of the cities with a very high homicide rate, have been run by democrats for a long period of time.

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