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  1. I would argue the “bullying” part of all this.
    Is it really “bullying” or is that we are not teaching our children to deal with disappointment and not getting their own way all the time?
    Everyone gets a prize for just showing up. No one gets “special treatment” for being “better” at something than is someone else. NO ONE IS “EQUAL” TO EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! Simple fact of life and biology.

    Everyone needs to stop giving their kids every little thing they want. How many times have I seen a small child, in a grocery store, throw a fit because they “want” something …. the parents starts out by saying “No” ….. they the parents tells the kid that they will get something special when they get home ……. then, the parent buckles and does what ever the kid wanted – and usoally a little extra just to shut the kid up. How about a hand applied ‘liberally’ (Yeah, I know) to the kids backside … God padded their butts for a reason!

    Parents, YOU are making the little mass-murderers all by yourself (with help from liberals & media). GROW A PAIR AND BE A “PARENT” …. you CANNOT be your child’s “friend” and do a proper job of “parenting”.

    • Many kids, today, do need better parenting in terms of learning to deal with the difficulties of life, but that doesn’t mean that bullying isn’t a real problem. Back in the stone age, when I was a kid, bullying was a physical presence kind of thing. Therefore, a couple of punches in the nose and it was generally settled. Today, with the help of social media billionaires, bullying can be, and is, anonymous — and it’s much more vicious, constant and persistent. Kids need to be taught/trained to not be bullies. Without that training, they are vicious little animals. They have no better side, no better nature. They simply do whatever pleases them. The teaching needs to be on the side of teaching kids to respect one another, not to tolerate or ignore *******.

  2. Helpful info, thanks! My biggest takeaway:

    Length of planning=window of opportunity to discover and intervene on an individual before bullets fly.

    The numbers on the length of planning table don’t add up. Can you clarify?

    • As for the planning table:

      24% of the attackers spent less than a month planning their attacks.
      17% of the attachers spent one to six months planning
      7% were big planners, spending six or more months

      They rest were unplanned attacks or any degree of planning could not be determined.

  3. I agree with LameBear, kids these days with their inept “educators’are being taught that they are entitled and history is being erased. Kids have far more available to them than what we had as kids and we had more than our parents, although the amount of services and items is far greater for this generation than ours. I will admit I was bullied, just because of my last name, I got into fights over it, and with my fathers permission! Now had I gotten in trouble at school for any other reason I would have gone to the wood shed! The problem is kids aren’t allowed to go fists to settle an argument, because they would be suspended or expelled. Also you have so called “friends” that are not always friends, especially when you have to stand your ground and fight.

    All kids do these days when a fight or shooting or other excitement happens is, to whip out the phone a record it, instead of maybe stepping in and helping to deescalate the problem, they cheer it on. Now I’m not saying that fighting is the way to solve everything, but bullies really only understand one thing, getting your ass beat for being an ass hole is going to be your future, if you don’t stop it. Yes some never learn, and some have the “I’ll get even” attitude when they get what they had coming to them, but then again it’s what would happen eventually anyway. Parents that don’t parent are just as much to blame for these problems as the kids that do it on their own. The attitude that “my little angel would never do this” when the signs are clearly there, (selling drugs, gang affiliation, etc.) puts the blame squarely on the parents. I’ve never been arrested, I stay out of trouble and i’m not out running around the neighborhood at all hours of the night! Yeah I’m old, 57, but we have people my age causing all kinds of crime here, and I just shake my head thinking, WTF are these idiots doing out of JAIL? That part of the blame rests squarely on the Judges and Lawyers! Start making the legalese do the time when their client is let off to commit another more heinous crime, because of the slap on the wrist sentence they got. Idiot Governors like we have here that just willy nilly set convicted rapists and murderers and other violent offenders FREE, should be removed from office and sent to prison! Enough of my rant, I have no compassion for criminals, and those that steal should have their fingers smashed with a ball pein hammer, makes it tough to steal, pick your nose, or your ass! Bring back public hangings for the bad ones! The problem with the death penalty is, that it doesn’t get used enough!

  4. “Equal” does not mean “identical”, or even “same”. Yes, our school system makes a point of not rewarding excellence — or punishing real failure — but that doesn’t mean that the parents or kids must do the same. Yes, parents should *parent*, but that often involves standing up for one’s kid against bullies and bigots, whether those are other kids or the teachers themselves. “Equality” means “fair is fair”, and “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” — even when that “gander” is the school system itself. Yes, demand certain standards of behavior for your kids, but demand the same from the teachers and principals and even the state School Board. The key to equality is *consistency*.

  5. One solution to bullying not frequently discussed is the need for school staff to monitor and address discipline problems that lead to pathological bullying and breeding grounds for school shooters.

    Here is a brief synopsis on how to address that problem:

    How to Deal with School Shootings

    Administration of a school is the duty of the staff that runs it. Because students are required by law to attend school, it is the duty of the school to ensure the students, the school’s charges, are provided protection.

    In this day and age, with all the news available, the resources available and the level of public awareness of the subject, there is no reason such an event should have occurred.

    Start firing and replacing school staff until they, the people responsible for our children’s safety, get the message that we won’t stand for excuses anymore and we want the violence to stop.

  6. “from 2008 through 2017, almost two decades of data”

    Isn’t that only almost 1 decade, not almost 2?

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