Bloomberg’s (latest) Blunder

How in the Sam Heck did Michael Bloomberg ever become a billionaire? He can’t count that well.

Recently, the Former New York City Mayor said of minorities age 15 to 25 “95 percent of all murders fall into this category.” Rephrased, Bloomberg believes (or, more accurately, he wants you to believe) that young minority men are responsible for nearly all gun murders.


bloomberg-fbi-minority-homicides-gunsThe FBI begs to differ, and they are pretty good at this criminology thing. In their “Expanded Homicide Data Table 3” they present counts of murder offenders by race and age. It is pretty easy to sum-up the homicide counts for an age range, then divide it by the total number of homicides.

Now, in fairness, Bloomberg did specify minority males ages 15-25. Unfortunately the FBI brackets ages differently than Bloomberg (which makes you wonder from where Michael got his data). But the FBI’s 17 through 24 bracket is good enough, especially since the missing ages are younger and less prone to homicide.

Anyway, 17% of homicides are committed by minorities age 17-24. If we trust that the male/female ratio applies to minorities equally as to whites, then only 15% of homicides are attributable to minority males.

From the same report, Table 9 shows use the weapons used for homicides, and within the same age group we see that “only” 83% of murders are by gun. Merging those numbers together, we see that less than 13% of all homicides are by young minority men.

Given this, I suspect Barack Obama will soon show umbrage to Bloomberg’s racist assertion.

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