High Gun Death Perspectives — 4 Comments

  1. What counts as suffocation? Hanging? Monoxide/exhaust?

    Nobody jumps anymore? That was the big Canadian substitution.

  2. Hi, We had corresponded several months ago on ratio of total deaths to suicide and other causes. Suicide has a clear BATFE stat, and I had “posited” that gang/drug/related might be another 30-35% of the total (covering 90-95% of the total US gun deaths when including suicide). You responded well that BATFE does not categorize homicide as gang/drug associated – shared the actual BATFE categorization info – appreciated.

    Am still on that question of the share of US homicide as drug/gang related – has your recent work highlighted in this post shed light? or any other thoughts or conclusions along that line?



    • “has your recent work highlighted in this post shed light?”

      Not to my satisfaction. It still goes to the root problem that the cause has to be definitive. A detective showing up well after the fact, and often with conflicting, unreliable or non-existant witnesses cannot make a definitive determination of cause. With out this, it gets classified as “Unknown” which (IIRC) constitute about 40% of the UCR stats for homicide circumstances.

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