LCPGV: The 20 Year Canard

The new anti-gun agitprop masters are in the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. I’ll be writing about them frequently because they are:

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LCPGV - The 20 Year Canard - chart 1
California homicide rates and three-strike laws
California and U.S. Homicide rates
  1. Getting good at creating falsehoods.
  2. Are drafting laws and getting them passed in California.
  3. Have money … and lots of it.

Their most recent con is claiming that California’s 20 year drop in gun deaths is due to gun control laws. “Proof in the Data: Thousands of Lives Saved” is their tag line and is accompanied by a chart showing the firearm death rate in the Golden State.

There are a number of major problems with their numbers (mainly Cal’s fast falling suicide rate) but more importantly is what they omit, namely criminal control laws.

Their chart begins in 1993, a year with no significant gun control laws in California and the year when violent crime nationwide was peaking. If anything Cal rode a national wave.

But in fact, Cal started a national trend in 1993 with the first “three strikes” law. For those unacquainted with such, a three strike law puts repeat offenders in jail for life if they commit three crimes, one of which is serious. It removes sociopathic people from your neighborhood.

More significantly though is that in the following year, Cal passed their 10-20-Life law which specifically targets people who repeatedly misuse guns in crime, which the Bureau of Justice Statistics has repeatedly told us is the source of most gun crime. California’s steep decline in violence occurs when this law is enacted.

The result is even more interesting. By removing violent predators from high-crime neighborhoods, Cal’s homicide rate – which was much higher than the rest of the country – has finally come down to national levels.

Keep your eyes open for any sound bite coming from the LCPGV. They are the new spin meisters, and they are cunning.

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