Mass Attacks – Broadly Reviewed — 3 Comments

  1. Only by a therapist hooking up with the perpetrator before the commission of a mass murder will there be a significant reduction in mass murders. The hookup must occur because someone noticed “perpetrator signals” and acted quickly to instigate/initiate the therapist hookup. This concept must be pushed hard by groups dedicated (and trained) to the idea of awareness of “perpetrator signals” resulting in immediate action to achieve the hookup. Only through the development of this control movement, not simple minded gun control, will mass murders diminish.

  2. Eliminating gun-free zones will delete the mass from mass attacks. It won’t eliminate violence or the psychotic or ideologically motivated but it will limit the casualties from their attacks. An unopposed shooter will shoot someone every 10 seconds while the average police response 6 minutes. Bombs, fires and knives change the math but the principle endures. I met an armed citizen (Israeli doctor) who personally stopped a suicide bomber.

    • If we want to know why incidence of something increased or decreased a lot in a short time, it can be useful to look for influential factors which also changed significantly prior to the change we’re interested in.

      Coverage became much more intense after Columbine. Media rewards mass murderers with the notoriety many seek, despite knowing the contagion effects.

      When media tones down coverage the way it did after contagion effects of lurid reporting of celebrity suicides became known, mass public murders will slowly decline.

      The people pushing gun control aren’t serious contributors. They know prohibitions of easily supplied products don’t work. They see mass shootings as useful to their long held goal of disarming the US population.

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