Newsom’s Gun Gaff — 9 Comments

  1. Here is a fine example of the old saw “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.!” Sadly for our Second Amendment rights, far too many of our electorate is baffled.

  2. Did anyone notice that ‘dead-last’ in the deaths per 100,000 is the State of Wyoming …. probably one of the most heavily armed in the US

    • I’ll see what is possible after I return from travels. I suspect there is a WordPress plugin that would make it easy.

      Mind if I ask what the benefit is? I kinda like the idea of dragging people to the website to keep traffic rates up.

        • After looking into it, none of the current website plugins to export to PDFs are viable. Some are kinda scary looking.

          Oddly, there is allegedly a PDF exporter already in the “share” function (screen left or bottom) when you click the plus sign and scroll down. But that isn’t working … likely a closed vendor.

    • If you use the Safari browser on an Apple Mac, you can view the page in “Reader” mode, then download it as a PDF.

      • I should have thought of another.

        If using Chrome, [ctrl][p] for print, and there is a “Save as PDF” option.

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