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  1. This is SO gun-nut!

    Here is what the red flag law might prevent:

    The shooting occurred about an hour after Hanlon was cited by authorities for having an aggressive animal. In an audio recording regarding that incident, an animal control officer and Hanlon can be heard talking about a fence separating his property from Dolce’s, the affidavit states.

    It also says police responded to an altercation between Dolce and Hanlon more than a month before the shooting.

    Dolce told police “his neighbor was trying to get him to fight and that there were ongoing issues with the neighbor,” the document said.

    • You lost all efficacy when you used the label “gun-nut”.
      Move along Doug and take your labels with you.

  2. Why “Red Flag Gun Laws” are UnConstitutional and dangerous:
    1. There is NO conviction required to confiscate the gun owner’s firearms.
    2. There is NO arrest of the gun owner being accused.
    3. There is NO indictment of the gun owner being accused.
    4. There is NO notification that the gun owner’s firearms are about to be confiscated.
    5. The police show up at your door and steal/confiscate your firearms with NO due process!

    • Yup, that about sums it up! Kiss “presumption of innocence” goodbye. Mind blowing how states can pass a law that absolutely turns a blind eye to the 4th,5th,6th and 14th Amendment in one fell swoop. Did I miss something or wasn’t there something about these government representatives swearing to defend the Constitution? We should be seeing a lot more headlines about treasonous State and Federal representatives.

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