Booze, not bullets

Alcohol has always been fun, but deadly. Now we find out the the odds of dying from drinking is much larger than dying from guns.

Comparison of gun, alcohol, automotive and poisoning deaths

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A recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) study determined that 88,000 working age Americans die from excessive drinking (not always from the booze itself, but tied to guzzling more than one should).

This tally provides some perspective. We have long known that working-age adults were almost three times as likely to be killing by a motor vehicle, and almost five times more likely to get poisoned than to catch a bullet meant for them or someone they were standing close to. But consuming more than a couple of drinks a day is deadlier still.

Why bring this up? For perspective’s sake. People picture guns as a huge daily threat when compared to other things – voluntary liver abuse and associated pancreatitis, hypertension, prostate cancer and cirrhosis – the risk of death by non-suicide gun shot is rather small. Given that most gun play is between gang members, it is even smaller still.

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