Charting Homicides — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the information. I constantly speak to people about our second amendment rights and your chart is just one more arrow in my quiver in support of our second amendment rights.

  2. Where exactly are you getting this data? Because the data I’ve seen published by University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is very different with America coming in 31st place in terms of gun related homicides. Below any european country and only just above the likes of Iraq.

    Where is your data coming from?

    • These charts show homicides, not “gun-related” homicides.

      Overall homicide rates are the important measure — if I live somewhere where I have a high probability of being murdered, there is no advantage to me that it is less likely to be committed with a gun.

      Alternatively, if I live somewhere where I am able to have a gun to protect myself, I can cut my personal risk considerably… even though in doing so, I might be contributing to “gun-related homicides” myself (since a self-defense fatality is technically still homicide).


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