Gun Polling Alignment and Surprises — 4 Comments

  1. One reason why I, a gun owner, believe permitless carry is a mistake is that in most cases, to gain a ccl one must take a course, including live fire qualifications. It seems to me to be a reasonable requirement that to carry a weapon one must demonstrate basic safety and use competencies.

    • In North Carolina, you don’t need a permit to open carry. It makes no sense to make me pay for a right to concealed carry when I already have a right to open carry without a permit.

  2. As to permitless open carry, it’s my belief that there are three benefits to concealed carry. 1: Carry where businesses such as restaurants, malls, theatres, prohibit firearms. If I or any of my training partners had been at the Batman movie in Aurora, it wouldn’t have happened. 2: I believe the circumstances may be rare at best in which there is a tactical advantage to open carry in a rapidly evolving encounter. 3: I audit a CCW class every year just to keep my head in the conversation, and in every class the instructor emphasizes the preparations one should take for dealing with just the legal defense problems following a shooting.

  3. I might give some insight into why gun owners may be somewhat oppose permitless carry.

    Gun ownership has become “politically incorrect” in many parts of the country over the last 40 years. There may have been a decrease in gun ownership due to this, though it seems to be rising again.

    In this time, programs Like JROTC, school competitive rifle teams, hunting, and shooting sports have fallen off in popularity. As a result, far fewer people have any knowledge of firearms. As firearms became more politically incorrect, fewer parents talked to their children regarding gun safety, and far fewer took the time to engage their children in shooting fundamentals or shooting sports. This has now produced two generations of children, now adults, who have little or no knowledge of firearms.

    Many know nothing more of firearms than what see in entertainment media, hear in school, or from gun control advocates in the news media. Sadly, each of these sources are about equally fact based. The bottom line is, since firearms are no longer common knowledge, there is no “common sense” with firearms. Many of us who are gun owners have witnessed this first hand. The last thing anyone wants, least of all gun owners, is people carrying guns in the streets who have no common sense.

    The concealed carry permit accomplishes the same end that militia musters did in colonial, and post-colonial America. It ensures that everyone with a firearm knows how to use it safely and properly, and the rules of engagement, in this case the law regarding firearms. Unfortunately, I, and apparently many others believe this to now be a necessary evil.

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