Good Guy with a Gun? — 7 Comments

  1. Common sense would make the case you present with data, unfortunately anti gun people have no common sense and don’t want to let facts get in the way of their mania for eliminating guns. They will march today, have more restrictive laws put in place which will not have any effect then they will come back for more restrictive laws….lather, rinse, repeat… until all guns will become illegal and the murders will be carried out with knives, IEDs and poison agents. Too bad they can’t see that.

    • I am anti gun and i do have common sense. Insulting your opposition takes away credibility and shuts down room for debate. I do not want to eliminate guns, but i do want control, which in fact is what most liberals want despite what FOX might tell you. States that have more solid, sensible gun laws have less deaths per x citizens. Were our gun laws more sensible, background checks, preventing domestic abusers to purchase guns, blocking gun show loop holes and other various tactics WITHOUT banning guns, which in case you are unaware is illegal under federal law (the supreme court HAS shut down laws on total bans), we could in addition to ccw teachers bring the fatality rate even closer to 0. Sure the bureaucracy might be annoying but is a little paperwork equivalent to a persons life? If you are a lawful and responsible citizen you will have no problem getting a gun :)

  2. It’s apparent that armed LEO’s in schools haven’t made a spit of difference in the number of children and adults killed in shootings. If the bad guy knows that there are armed, well trained persons in and on the school grounds with the sole purpose of protecting the children, and he doesn’t know how many there are ……. probably will think twice about that school.. ! Biggest problem is that the Law Enforcement Community has scared the schools into thinking that only trained LEO’S can carry a gun as skillfully as they can. cow plop !! thousands of military trained persons would gladly carry in a school to protect it. They don’t need six months of cop school to learn how to stop a shooter. They’ll all do it voluntarily as well, saving the schools gazillions of $. But until we can convince the schools. nothing will change and we will have more coward cops afraid to stop the killing of our children.

  3. I’d mention armed citizens such as parents, as an additional resource rather than limit it to teachers (and janitors, etc.). Who better to protect children than a parent? Also, by only mentioning permittees, you exclude open carriers (which I’m sure schools would never allow).

    • I volunteered to start an armed parent security team when my school’s Superintendent posted a statement to Facebook outlining their security procedures. Never got a response.

  4. I wish the statement “Adding concealed carry permit (CCW) holders to schools marginally improves outcomes over armed resource officers.” had been explored a bit more.

    I have little doubt that in schools where there are armed resource officers that is true.

    What data is there to evaluate if concealed carry permit (CCW) holders in schools without armed resource officers are more that a marginal improvement over no armed personnel.

    We have counties where there is little coverage of the lower grades grades by armed resource officers or assigned LEOs. One county has announced that they can no longer provide armed resource officers to any schools.

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