Pediatric Agitprop — 5 Comments

  1. Isn’t it a shame these professors of the Hippocratic Oath don’t/won’t devote the same amount of time and energy to decreasing iatrogenic deaths as they do to irrelevant and ultimately useless “gun control.”

  2. Additionally, the “study” included people aged 18 to 21.

    The adult population comprises over 2/3 of their data, which is strange for something that is designed to legitimize gun control propaganda about kids and guns, and was published in a pediatrics journal.

  3. I just wonder if they include soldiers age 18 to 21, that are shot in foreign wars, in their statistics? After all, they are “children” per the definition. And why is the government sending “children” to war?

  4. Just a picky point from a Grumpy Old Professor: Would your data expression better reflect the incidence and the outliers if you were to (also) show the median?

    Thank you for this wonderful work

    • I like “Grumpy Old Professors”. They make people strive to do better.

      I updated the chart to include the median for teens. IU did not bother adding a median for children since the rate is so low.

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