Targeting Firearm Homicides — 6 Comments

  1. Another interesting study is to look into CDC WISQARS and find the page allowing detailed filtering of their leading cause of death data.

    In general, LCD for young adults and teens is unintended injuries, mainly vehicle-related. For young adult blacks it is homicides, by firearms the most common.

    Nasty result, the story of which isn’t being told anywhere.

    • True on the L:CD issue and the big divide. It is sad, tragic and points ever more to subcultures driving deadly acts.

  2. It would be very interesting to see how these data correlate with the data showing that the fatherless (male or female) commit X times more crimes than those raised with their biological (or formally adoptive) fathers in their childhood homes.

    From observations over the decades, it seems there’d be something on the order of a 0.8 or greater correlation.

    • That is interesting, and my instincts led me to ponder this. However, I have not (yet) discovered a solid data set for the rate of fatherless households by race, urbanization, income and education (the other confounding factors).

      And this is one of my bigger gripes: the data tools at the Census Bureau are borderline useless. I sense the data is all there, but extracting it is insanely weird.

      • I am not a data guy at base, but it does seem odd that that needed information is available (or might be), but only useful with extraordinary effort. Almost like someone were trying to hide something.

        • I doubt they are trying to hid realities.

          The FBI crime data was born in the 1930s, and they codified various strata for what were common law and criminal statistics. For example, most laws made people legally liable for some stuff at age 18.

          The CDC, which came into being much later, stratified their data along the ages where medical and injury issues developed (youth, teen years, early adulthood [e.g., 21+]).

          What is bothersome to me is that somewhere all of this data is available down to each recorded instance, so were it publicly available without age bracketing, the data pools could be easily amalgamated.

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